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Laying in a hammock, on the phone with my love, admiring the Lord’s creation. Love it.
While driving through the mountains, my love pulls over and gets out the car to go pick these wildflowers for me. Simple acts of love and kindness are everything to me.
The view from the back porch of our cabin this evening. I’m in love.
Road trip. Pit stop in Gadsden, Al.
Road trip. Pit stop in Gadsden, Al.
Today was a day full of mixed emotions. I just had my last appointment with my GI doctor at the children’s hospital who has seen me for the past four years. She has been there for me through everything and is the most understanding and compassionate woman I have ever met. She has helped me through diagnosing and learning about my disease and helping me cope with the anxiety that comes along with having a chronic illness. It was hard to leave today and venture off into the unknown practice of adulthood GIs, but I am grateful for my time there and how The Lord has watched over and protected me. Life is hard and things get messy and some days you don’t even want to get out of bed, but God is good and He is sovereign through it all.
Today I am thankful for sunny and blue skies and a God that is merciful and gracious, even to a sinner like me.
Through the calm and the storm and the chaos, though the mountains will crumble, You will not. Never failing Your promise, eternal. // Romans 8:18.

|| (by Maria L. Pereira)

(by Lewis Gregory)